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Quick Bio on Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime is an Online Entrepreneur and has been described as the “Michael Jordan of Internet Marketing” because of the expertise and knowledge he has shared over the years as an educator of innovative and cutting edge strategies.

Mike is also an author, software developer, renowned speaker, and business consultant and runs one of the best and largest Closed-Door MasterMinds in Internet Marketing.

Mike has spoken on 5 Continents and has been to over 20 Countries speaking and networking about marketing. His travels and led him to stages in Singapore, Moscow, and Dubai as well as many of the top English speaking countries around the world.

Mike regularly travels with other self made millionaires raising money for charities as he does extreme adventures like Jumping out of planes at 30,000 feet, zero gravity dives, driving the Baja, and trips to the remote parts of Haiti that you can only get to by small planes. His ventures have raised over $100,000 for different charities.

Before Marketing

Mike Filsaime was the General Manager of one of the nations largest auto dealers. 14 years in the auto business along with his education at the New York Institute of Technology in Computer Science and Business Administration has allowed Mike to understand Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Customer Service, long term Business Principles, and how to use the Internet to leverage these items to new successes. Mike led teams of over 50 people and trained some of the highest paid sales people in the auto industry today. Mike has a way of teaching his successful and innovative concepts to people in a way that  sticks.

Startup History

Mike started marketing part-time in 2002 and went full-time in 2004. See personal bio.

The Man Behind The Company

Many of the people Mike has helped with Internet marketing have gone on to have incredible success in a very short amount of time after working with him. Many of them are now Internet millionaires working full-time with their new businesses.

Mike believes in continued learning and makes every attempt to stay on the cutting edge by studying the latest books, courses, and systems on the subject of marketing. Mike is also a student and studies from from every successful person that is blazing the trail in their field.

Mike Filsaime is a known as a leader in the industry along other experts such as Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Yanik Silver, Andy Jenkins, and his one time mentor, Rich Schefen.

Mike has been fortunate to spend personal time with people such as Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, and Oren Klaff. He has even given marketing advice to the Director of films at Robbins Research International as well as Trump University as well as offered personal one on one advice on Internet Marketing to Tony Robbins.

In the early years, started out with list building using Viral Marketing methods. Revenue was generated as an affiliate by promoting products via email with reviews and recommendations of quality products that could help online business owners.

Mike started to teach his methods, and from 2003-2009, Mike made a name for himself as an

Internet Marketing Expert. changed focus in late 2009 to focus also on S.A.A.S. (Software As A Service) websites as well as teaching marketing. If you take a look around our website, you will see many services that help online marketers to be more profitable with their online businesses.

Sales and Company Stats

Between 2005-2014,, Inc. and Mike Filsaime’s other online companies generated over 50 million dollars in revenue., Inc. moved from  Long Island in NY to San Diego, California in Mid 2013

Mike Filsaime has focused more on quality of life in recent years than “big dreams.” Having made money both ways, Mike enjoys a more concentrated smaller business than the day to day hassles of a big team.

Merger with Andy Jenkins

In Mid 2013 Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins merge our companies and assets to create Marketing Genesis. With new products like Video Genesis, Genesis Labs, Webinar Genesis, and Traffic Genesis.

As well Marketing Genesis has a software partnership with Hector Yague where we have products launched a new marketplace called as well as WebinarJam and a new product called EverWebinar Coming soon.

In our first year Marketing Genesis became an 8 figure company grossing over 10 Million in sales.

Mike Filsaime Sites

To see our sites click here.

Public Speaking

During 2006 and 2007, Mike Filsaime was one of the most popular speakers worldwide on the subject on Internet Marketing. Speaking at over 75 Marketing conferences in just two years, he has inspired tens of thousands of people. Mike has spoken in over 20 US cities and other countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and was the keynote speaker in Dubai, UAE in late 2008 in their 2nd annual marketing conference in Dubai.

Mike credits much of his to success to speaking to so many people for over two years.

While Mike Filsaime had taken a break from from public speaking for a few years, he now speaks very selectively as a keynote speaker 2 – 3 times per year. To contact us for speaking, email donna at