Marketers Cruise

Mike Filsaime

Our VIP Internet Marketer friends, JV Partners, Affiliates and their friends and families.

Every year for the last few years, just around New Year’s week, I have been getting together with a group of my best Internet Marketer buddies and their families for a very exclusive “world class” vacation…

We’ve escaped to some exotic Caribbean islands aboard beautiful luxury cruise ships, and experienced some major pampering, exciting shore excursions, gourmet meals, and the priceless cameraderie of like-minded people in a very relaxed environment.

Cruising has become one of my favorite ways to see the world, and I finally realized that I shouldn’t keep my “private annual escape” just to myself (and a few chosen Inner Circle A-listers).

So this time, YOU are invited!

If you’ve never been on the Annual Marketers Cruise before…then you’re in for the time of your life and a vacation like no other.

On January the 13th, 2013 the amazing annual Marketers Cruise is leaving from the Port of Miami – Florida and you can start the new year off right & set sail to places warm and exotic!

Your cruise event planner is Captain Lou Edwards from He is the guy behind the curtain, who’s list of cruise clients include a who’s who of the World’s Top Internet Marketers.

Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian, Rick Raddatz, Shawn Casey, Carl Galetti, Rich Schefren, Robert Allen, Russell Brunson, Matt Bacak, Kevin Wilke, Jim Edwards and many others have all been aboard Lou’s group cruises and raved about them.

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