Discover how leading Entrepreneurs are helping local small business owners to increase their sales by tapping into the tremendous power of Internet Marketing. While others may be focused on going after the big fish (or big businesses out there), the often overlooked aspect is the opportunity found in the many little fish (or small, local businesses) which can add up a good sized client base.

In the LittleFish Blueprint DVD, you will get to follow the story of Matt Bush, long time friend of Mike Filsaime, as he shares what hes done to take on small business clients and help them to increase their leads and sales by ranking higher on Google, improving their websites appeal and tapping into the power of social media.

Matt has discovered a systematic approach to finding small business clients and being able to service their Internet Marketing needs even if they are several states away from him. Along his journey Matt has been able to disprove many of the myths surrounding local marketing and those are revealed in this DVD as well.

This powerful DVD explains Matts amazing journey to Entrepreneurial success using his unique and time-tested approach to finding, closing and providing lasting value to small business clients across the United States.

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LittleFish Training System

The LittleFish Training System and Geo-Local CRM Software provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and training they need to start building a business servicing local business owners by assisting with the Local Business Internet Marketing efforts.

The LittleFish Complete Training System includes step-by-step instructions on how to do many of the tasks to help small business owners such as creating and improving websites, Local Search Engine Optimization, helping with social media presence, plus more. Also included are tools used to prospect potential clients and close them along with robust training on outsourcing of tasks to 3rd party providers to help with scaling the business model.

Geo-Local CRM Software

The Geo-Local CRM Software automates the process of searching for and following up with qualified leads to prospect as potential clients for to assist with local marketing needs.

Build on a robust framework by leading US-based programming staff, this software picks through the search engines using a proprietary algorithm to discover the most qualified prospects using proven formulas and success identifiers. The CRM then tracks the lead through the prospecting process, creating customized follow up campaigns.

Once a client is brought on board, the project management of the client is then managed from within the CRM, greatly reducing time and confusion otherwise spent on organizing the clients needs and account progress.

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