Our Products

MikeFilsaime.com provides a unique selection of educational products designed to help our customers excel in business and professional development.

Our products provide world-class, cutting-edge training and education from top-notch industry leaders in the areas of business, marketing and personal success.

With combined industry experience totaling over 50 years, our staff of trainers provides our customers with proven and time-tested success strategies and techniques.

Below you will find a list of our current product line:

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Mike Filsaime’s VIP Mastermind

This includes access to some of our most popular products and home study course over the years. There will be so many things that come out of your meetings with members it is hard to quantify the benefits.

We also communicate daily via an active email group. This is an exclusive group so see if we are open now to gain access.

Membership to The Mike Filsaime VIP Mastermind is a ticket in to learning and getting to know some of them most talented and successful entrepreneurs online today. Members enjoy many benefits including private group emails, private dinner gatherings and much more.

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Micro Model Business System

The MicroModel Business System includes our robust website building technology that allows entrepreneurs to build their websites without technical hassles and frustrations. Also included are pre-made products and promotional materials essential to effective marketing.

Members of the MicroModel Business System get access to the following:

25 Pre-Made Products and Corresponding Promotional Materials (PLUS 2 Additional Monthly) These niche markets include: Internet Marketing, Real Estate Investing, Stress Management, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Self-Improvement, Dating, Natural/Holistic Remedies, Plus more.

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Evergreen Business System

Evergreen Business System is a one-stop solution for obtaining the best education about the powerful benefits of marketing with webinars on the Internet. As a customer, you will not only receive this top-notch training but also a proprietary software platform to leverage your webinar marketing efforts tremendously.

In fact, Evergreen Business System provides unique benefits and proprietary features that no other competitor in the marketplace can and usually at a fraction of the cost.

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AffiliateDotCom.com is a comprehensive e-learning membership platform that trains members on the fundamentals of online media buying and other traffic strategies including the professional use of social media platforms.

In AffiliateDotCom.com, there are over 200 step-by-step tutorials and information to educate, motivate and equip customers with the necessary and timely skills to harness today�s web traffic effectively.

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The Franchise Model Secrets

The Franchise Model System can prepare you to grow your company profits while allowing you more time off to enjoy life. With our educational program, we will show you how to systemize your business in ways to allow for growth and scalability.

Specifically, the Franchise Model System educates you on enhancing the following critical areas of your business: Pin Pointing Full Business SWOT Analysis, Lead Generation, Maximizing Productivity, Achieving Top Level Lead and Sale Conversions among others.

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The LittleFish Blueprint Local Marketing System and Software

The LittleFish Training System and Geo-Local CRM Software provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and training they need to start building a business servicing local business owners by assisting with the Local Business Internet Marketing efforts.

The LittleFish Complete Training System includes step-by-step instructions on how to do many of the tasks to help small business owners such as creating and improving websites, Local Search Engine Optimization, helping with social media presence, plus more. Also included are tools used to prospect potential clients and close them along with robust training on outsourcing of tasks to 3rd party providers to help with scaling the business model.

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Magic Cart Button

The Magic Cart Button is a software program that allows users to create timed events like Add to Cart buttons, optin forms, or pdf downloads to appear (and disappear) and specific times next to or under a video.

Learn how you can promote Magic Cart Button and make 100% of all revenue generated without needing a website. Plus we handle the customer support for you!

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