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Relief Aid for disaster
December 28, 2004

Hi everyone. As you know. There has been a loss of 44,000 human lives from the earthquake in South Asia.

Internet marketing people are getting together to help. There is a post in a private froum where people are donating. Please do what you can.

Hi Warriors,

David Cavanagh writing to you all from Pattaya, Thailand where I now reside on a
full-time basis.

If you've been watching the tv, news or Internet you would have heard of the
tragedy with the earthquake that has hit here (as well as Sri Lanka, India,
Malaysia and more).

I want to say thank you to all of the Warriors who emailed me asking if I was
okay. I am fine seeing as I am in Pattaya (which is a 1 hour flight from Phuket
where a lot of the drama hit at it's worst).

It goes to show that wherever you are in this World, at whatever time of the day
or night, that tragedies like this can hit and we don't have any control over it

After getting a few emails from Dr. Mani today, I have decided to donate some of
the money I have earned over the past year to the people in need here in
Thailand (I am here so I might as well try to help as much as I can).

If any Warriors would like to send a small donation (to add to my donation)
please send it via my PayPal address at:


I really want to send as much as I can to help these lovely people, and at times
like this I feel every little cent (or baht in their case) will help enormously.

Many thanks in advance, and may God Bless you all for the New Year,

David Cavanagh

Featured Speaker

World Internet Summits 2004

Australia / USA / UK

PS... Or may Buddha bless you if you are Buddhist as many people are here in

Please see if you can donate and help.


Mike Filsaime

Posted by Mike Filsaime at December 28, 2004 02:09 PM


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