Sep 21

Selling Physical Products Online Just Got A Whole Lot Easier…

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Do you like selling physical products online?  Or, do you want to get into this market?  Do you want a site that will make this easier?  With SaleHoo, based in New Zealand, you get unlimited access to over 8,000 wholesalers, dropshippers, and manufacturers in over 100 countries.  This site is great for anyone who sells on eBay or wants to sell physical products on their website.  You can sell anything from women’s clothing to mp3 players.

You just sign in, type in what you’re searching for, decide on the location, choose whether you want a dropshipper, manufacturer, or wholesaler, and then voila!  A whole list of suppliers will pop up on your screen.  You can scan through them and click on ones that seem to fit well with your needs.  Once you decide on one, you can print out the information or save it for later.

This site provides you with training materials and customer support, which will help you get started by finding the right products for your business.  There is also extensive research on the site so before you buy, you can make sure you’d make a healthy profit.  Another awesome feature is a forum where you can get other peoples’ input on suppliers, niche markets, and products.  You can also give advice about good suppliers and ones that you didn’t have good luck with.  There are ebooks you can look at once you become a member on what’s hot in 2010 as well as shipping and dropship handbooks.  There’s even a section of the website where you can scope out competition!  This site didn’t forget anything!

This is not a get rich quick scheme at all; this is just a site that will help you find products to sell easier than just looking at a bunch of different wholesale sites and trying to compare everything.  SaleHoo helps put all your research in one convenient place, but you will still have to put time into learning about the whole process.

Join the other 75,000 members of SaleHoo today to get started selling physical products online!  You get a full year’s membership for only $67.  So, if you’re interesting in buying and selling physical products and want a site that puts everything in one place, sign up for SaleHoo today!

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Sep 20

Want to make $700 a day without selling a thing?

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Ritoban C has a very convincing sales page for his product, CPA Instruments.  He says that without selling, affiliate marketing, experience, much time, and SEO or PPC knowledge, you can make about $700 a day.

CPA means that you will get paid when someone does an action, like sign up for a list.  This means you can make money without anyone even buying something!  If you’re in the right niche market and you’re doing it correctly, this could turn into big bucks for you.

His program shows you how you can make money on autopilot just from giving away free traffic and free “stuff.”  First, you use his free traffic techniques to get potential customers.  Then, send them a free report from a Fortune 500 or other top company.  Lastly, receive money from that company.  That’s it; he makes it sound that simple.

This program is made up of nine modules including the basics about CPA, how to drive free and/or paid traffic to your site, and list building.  There are over 40 videos, which may be a little overwhelming for some.  But, it’s organized well and comes with support if you need it.  He makes sure you have everything you need in this course so you can get started right away.

He says that you can make all that money with just 25 minutes a day and eight steps of copy and pasting.  He does warn you, however, not to change or edit one part of this system, saying that it won’t work unless it’s done exactly how he shows you.  For $39, you get all the videos and tutorials and have a 60-day money back guarantee.  If CPA was something you always wanted to try, Ritoban C’s course seems like a good one to try.

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