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Now Anyone Can Get Free Advertising

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If you are looking to kill 2 birds with one stone, you can advertise for free on a new BLOG that actually allows you to place your ads for free on their site.

The reason this is good because you get all the benefits of placing your ads on a BLOG and you all get to advertise for free.

Most people would look at this as a no brainer. Although most webmaster do not like people to advertise on the blogs, this site was made just for that.

It is free to join and thousands are flocking to this service to drive huge traffic to their sites in ju8st days by simply posting one little ad on their home page.

Anyone looking to increase their profits should look in to  FREE ADVERTISING.

Mar 14

Build Customized Open CMS Joomla Web Development Services

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Offshore web development company India offers best customized open source Joomla web design application development


Joomla web development services are a quality content management system. It empowers you to build up informative websites and competent web applications. Joomla cms is easy to use, supple and extensive. These are certain qualities which make Joomla Web site development software are well known and favorite of all. The appealing part is that Joomla templates are freely available to everyone.


Working with Joomla web Development Services is effortless. If you want to develop websites using Joomla web Development Services, simply download the platform and install it on your server. You will find many extensions that you may take into consideration in order to install or download and enhance the functionality of your site. Once Joomla templates are installed on your server, it is very simple and easy to work out. The non-technical users can easily add or edit content, update images and manage the critical data that makes your company effective. Just you have to have basic word processing skills. After that you can easily learn to manage Joomla web Development Services.  Regarding costs, Joomla web Development Services is free.


If a company builds in house software using Joomla templates framework, you are building on an open platform that does not tie you one Company. You can be very flexible.


Are you looking for creative, result driven, forward thinking Web Design Company India, then you’ve come to the right place? Resuming Best Joomla programmer can be of utmost importance to your company and can prove great results too. It is always best to hire experienced and professional companies like ArohaTech, best outsourcing web Development Company to ensure your web project is a successful proposition. You can choose our professional Web Development Company ArohaTech India -A Name in Quality offshore outsourcing Software Development. ArohaTech offshore oscommerce development India helps you advance your branding strategy online. We have a team of more than 40+ outstanding  experts having experience Joomla web development services, E-Commerce web development solutions like customized shopping cart development, payment gateway integration, open source based e-commerce solutions(OS-Commerce).Hire best Joomla web development services India for best results.



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Affiliate Marketing – A How-To Guide

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Affiliate marketing is a partnership that takes place between a web merchant and one or several affiliates. It involves revenue sharing. Affiliates are paid commission for referring leads, sales or clicks to the merchant. Affiliate marketing does not require affiliates to create or to sell their own product, nor does it require delivery of the product, customer support or e-commerce. All of these aspects are part of the merchant’s responsibility. In order to be an affiliate marketer, a desire to succeed is required, and also patience. Many internet marketers lose out on the prospects of affiliate marketing because of impatience.

Another requirement of affiliate marketing is creativity. This is key in order to be successful. Affiliates must develop not only a good website that is content based, but they must also be able to incorporate their affiliate links into all of their content. They must provide prospects with quality content that will make them want to come back to their site continuously. In conjunction with this, affiliates must be hard working. If affiliates are just starting out, they must be very dedicated and hard working, because affiliate marketing requires a lot of time for those who are just starting out.

The first step needed to take in order to make money in affiliate marketing is to choose a market. A potential affiliate must decide what type of product they want to promote. Affiliates can promote nearly any product. Next, they must sign up for an affiliate marketing program. The number of these programs is increasing rapidly on the internet. Once it has been decided what market the affiliate wants to promote, they must then find a program with a quality product. This program should also have a good compensation program. The next step would be deciding on a promotion strategy.

Two promotion strategies used to make money in affiliate marketing are traffic exchanges and blogging. There are several others. Another way would be getting free traffic from search engines through your own personal website. And so, the fourth step would be to obtain a free blog or a website. Websites are offered for free in some cases, and very cheap in other cases. Blogs are typically free. The final step to making money in affiliate marketing is taking action. Be persistent and learn from the marketing tools and resources available on the internet. This will lead to a full income.


This FREE video shows you how to get Cash On-Demand

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No Cost Website Builder & Video Tutorials For You :)

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RE: Download your No-Cost Website Builder with User Guide and Web Design Video Tutorials

Get Instant Access By Visiting:

Hi Guys,

If you plan on building your own sites, you're going to need a web page editor.

The only thing is that they are kind of on the expensive side unless you find a way to get your hands on pirated software.

But, I wouldn't advise using pirated anything. LOL

Now you can get your hands on a great WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) webpage editor to build your own webpages, and the best part
is that it won't cost you anything.

And as an additional bonus, you'll also be given a 77 page in-depth user guide along with almost 2 hours of step by step web design videos.

You need your own site, now you'll be able to do it yourself with ease.

Download your No-Cost Website builder with step-by-step videos and user guide by visiting:

To Your Success,

Mike Filsaime
Mar 14

You, Dan, SEO, and Paris – (Open for the connection)

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Hi Guys,

Whew…I just got back from my Vacation in Europe.

On of my employees on my team has created a new book on Search Engines that I want to share with you.

I will get to that real fast. (It is good stuff!)

Although I travel a lot, it is rare that I take a Vacation with no agenda around work.

This year, I went to Amsterdam and Paris. I was truly blow away by both cities.

I went with Mike Merz Jr. and we met Ionut, Dan, and the other Ionut  (known to us as I.O.^2, orI.O. Squared) – They are all on our work team and all programmers.

Amsterdam has a sense of freedom and is a without judgment and is a charming small city with lots of history.

I had a chance to see the Anne Frank’s house. I could write pages and pages on this experience. I recommend you go to to see a most inspiring human being.

On to Paris…

Wow! Wow… Wow!

This has to be one of the prettiest cities on the eyes anywhere in the world. And the food…

…the food exceeded its reputation.

The sights were incredible but it was the Mona Lisa that stole the show for me.

I now know why they say everyone must see Paris in their lifetime.

From Paris… It was off to Romania where we stayed in Bucharest for 2 days until we went to our final destination in Baia Mare which has a small town feel that you find in the north east of the U.S.

From there we had our annual meeting to discuss where we are taking out business in the months to come.

Dan Borlan, who we hired to lead out SEO dept last year as written a new ebook.

I urged him to write a comprehensive ebook on what he knows.

If you are familiar with Page Rank from Google, you will see he used his Magic to get 2 of my sites to a Page Rank of 6 Page Rank 6 Page Rank 6

On top of that, he has gotten me more #1 rankings for top marketing keyword phrases than I can keep up with.

The real story here, is how a young man in poor, yet up and coming, former communist country can create an information product.

He had is copy written by a 3rd party copy writer, his graphics done by a 3rd party designer, and he used the Butterfly Script to run his site.

Yet, since he can not get a Clickbank Account or a PayPal Account in Romania, I have put the product into my suite of products and I am currently selling it thru my PayPal account as a Joint Venture with him.

So not only can you get your hands on this product for a very low price. You can also sign up for his affiliate program and make money selling the product.

Besides from this being a great case study on how anyone can create an information product when they simply take action on their passions and expertise…

…it is also a great ebook to learn from one of the best, underground, white-hat SEO guys on the Net.

Check out the product and start to learn how to rank a site in the Top Ten, or even #1 spot in the search engines in a snap.


Mike Filsaime

PS – You can signup for the affiliate program for free at the bottom of the page. But make sure to buy it or you will not get the benefit of the knowledge.

Mar 14

Setting The Record Straight – Exposing Lies

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The following is my rebuttal to a smear campaign used against me by another marketer. This is a sad state to see people do this things. This is scarcity minded action at its best and I am here to set the record straight. Feel free to link to this post anytime you see some one misunderstand the real facts based on his lies.

All of the text from his letter is written in
courier New No Bold.

All of my rebuttal is written i
Tahoma Bold.

At first I sat quietly by as so called “Gurus” copied my every move, then they went too far…Enough Is Enough!

I’m Sick And Tired Of Seeing My New Ideas Show Up As The “Gurus” Latest Product! Now You Benefit As I Fight Back by Giving Away Free Of Charge What They Are Trying To Sell You!

(The Digital Incest in this industry has got out of hand and now you reap the rewards as I call Bullshit on blatant rip offs!)

I will prove in this response here that not only is this marketer a liar, but he, although 100% wrong in his accusations with warped perceptions, he is willing to sell his soul to the devil and participate in the exact “Rip Off” nature that he despises. He has now become what he loathes and he has lost all credibility in the market place. It is funny how so many people are now talking about this as the biggest hypocrite move Internet marketing has seen.

Read on…

Re: Stop The Insanity!First . . . I am going to give you a $97 piece of software, completely FREE!

(Free? This is actually a blatant smear campaign and it is used to up sell you on his software. Beware the Anti-Guru who is really marketing to you using his “frustration” angle.)

Now read on to discover why I am doing this!
As you may remember, I created “The Death Of AdSense” campaign and pioneered a new Viral list building technique to grow a brand new list of over 40,000 subscribers from ZERO in just a few weeks!

I found that to be an interesting statement because in his own ebook The Autopsy on page 16 he states:

“The campaign started Sep/12/2006 at 7:40PM and by Sep/30/2006 at 11:48PM I generated 34,270 opt-ins!

I closed the affiliate program as of the end of September but continued to take opt-ins and the aftershock of the campaign continued up until I closed off the pages on Nov/12/2006 at 7:37PM with 37,915 opt-ins.”

So he is now considering 37,915 opt-ins over the course of a MONTH to justify the statement “over 40,000 double opt in subscribers.” – He states he pioneered a new technique. While it was original in the Internet Marketing arena, and a very good idea at that, this is just CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) tied with viral marketing. What is more accurate is that he developed is own technology to combine CPA with Viral Marketing. I happen to know marketers that have been doing this since 2001 in Niche Markets paying per lead and then using viral marketing to explode results.

It was an original and very powerful idea, something we rarely see in the Internet Marketing industry.

This statement is not based on any fact. It is a general opinion. Powerful ideas come out every day. This is to pre suppose a false opinion and used only to support his false claims below about me.

The so called “Gurus” were quick to copy the idea and launched a load of “The Death Of…” campaigns trying to capitalize on my original concept and marketing methods.

While it is obvious this marketer created a “Death of” campaign and did very well with it, and that it was later inspired by about 4 other “Death of” campaign marketer’s that I am aware of, all which played off the preceding or all prior, or even just his, that is about as far as his point goes.

BUT… we must preface the facts with the following to put this argument in the proper frame.

Prior to his launch of his “Death of”, I was frustrated with certain things going on in the market. I want to write a report called “The State of the Internet” and had discussed it with some friends. Then, while in Las Vegas, I spoke to the person who was handling the affiliate mechanisms (CPA) for his “Death of” campaign. He was very excited about the results and shared it with me. I was very inspired by the person (who I am writing about here) and later sent him a personal email telling him I thought he should get all the credit for a great technique. He never replied. To this day, I can tell you 100% I was inspired by the CPA model he used and felt it was a good way to get my message out.

Later, I called some of my friends and asked them what they thought would do better, “The state of the Internet”, or “The Death of Internet Marketing.” They all agreed that the more controversial title would do better. But it should be clear that the report was in no way competitive to his AdSense report and was of no competition to the product he was launching with this list. In fact, I had no product being sold based on the content of my report.

I Hereby Declare The Death of “The Death Of…” Campaigns.You are supposed to be “Gurus” Start acting like one and come up with your own original ideas!

I have a long list of ideas that I pioneered. One look at the link above that says “My Sites” will show this. I continue to develop original ideas, and the latest was blatantly ripped off by this marketer as he becomes what he loathes. This is pure SCARCITY minded action and being used to exploit people using controversy to sell his own product. More on that later.

Soon after the success of my “Death Of AdSense” campaign I released the very powerful software that drove the campaign to the public called “The List Virus”.Guess what?

Now the “Gurus” are rushing to release inferior scripts that supposedly create viral campaigns.

This guy needs to get his EGO flushed. He really thinks the world revolves around his mind. It would be sad for anyone to think that just because they came up with an idea, that someone else could not have also done the same with no knowledge of their project and even earlier than them.

For instance, he claims that I am rushing to come out with this project.

I created Butterfly marketing (which towers of his one legged pony script)
on August 31st 2004. It was used for my death of Campaign and performed better than his ongoing over priced limited software.

I then registered the domain for Viral Friend generator on April 16, 2006. This is 5 FULL MONTHS before he registered either of his domains. Period the end. I had my ideas well before he even dreams of his. He states that i am copying him and RUSHING to the market with his ideas. The bottom line is, I got the idea after talking with Tellman Knudsen and he can verify we spoke the day I got the domain as I asked his advice on the how the tool should work and what the product and domain name should be.

Get off your HIGH HORSED EGO man. You are so full of yourself you actaully think the world revolves around you. I do not even know who you are, and I am not on your list. His product that he has now developed to give away for free is just to smear me and to get you to buy is inferior over priced never ending software that could cost you $10,000 over time, has a domain that was registered on February 25th 2007. Just a few days ago.

Look at how he is lying, and the sad thing is he may not even know it. he has tried to turn the marketing community against me and other guru’s with his scarcity state of mind attracting negative energy in to marketing, and the poisoning the minds of other marketers with false accusations and a warped mind.

Look at the facts. He registers domains after me, copies my software, and accuses me of doing so to him. I have seen people respond to what he stated as truth and I just had to post these facts on my Blog for anyone else to point to when they see others act as if what he talks of is true.

It seems that Viral List building is now all the rage and here comes the crap, Hold On To Your Wallets!

Dude, look at my site registered in 2004 and live in January of 2006, almost 8 months before you ever ever spoke about viral list building with list virus. At I stated the following:

– The Viral Marketing Experiment. —
Viral Sites = Huge List = Money In The Bank…

And I was talking about it for 18 months before that on live recorded audio that can be found at

So spare us Mr. Hypocrite, you are asking people to go in their wallets. You think we don’t see through this? How you can warn people to hold on to their wallets and ask for money in the same breath is beyond my comprehension.

Can You See The Pattern Here?They are attempting to use their own viral list building “success”, as evidence that they know what they are doing!

Hmmm… Seems logical to do so. It is not luck. Success is a good measure of proof that one knows what they are doing? But I see you use of “quotes” in Success so I will address that below.

They Don’t!Some were “Successful” as they proved they could pay their huge list of hundreds of thousands to opt in to a new much smaller list?

And they called that Viral?

That’s not viral, that’s just stupid!

When you do not know what you are talking about, you should not speak. That is when you make yourself look like the ass that you are. In 24 hours I had almost as people go thru my site than you did in 3 weeks. Yes, in one day. The fact is, I NEVER TOLD MY LIST. Read that again. I never told my list. One person told his list about the site and it went viral from there. He had told just 4100 people that day… by the end of that day, in just over 24 hours, we had over 34,346 people create an account to get the report. We hit 141 on

That dude, is Viral. 1 person emails. He attract 4100, and by the end of the day, 34,346 people are in and over 100,000 in just a few weeks.

They Completely Screwed Up The Process They Were Trying To Steal!

Screwed up? I blew the doors off your results and NEVER told my list. You are lying. I never paid my list to join anything. I never emailed them. I used the similar CPA method you did. I paid OTHERS to refer new members to my site. Get your facts straight, you are an embarrassment to yourself.

Let me now give you the spanking that you need. Your product should not be sold. It allows people to potentially put in a process where they have to pay people up to $50,000. The concept is very powerful and DOES go viral. It cost me $62,000 to pay my promoters. If someone uses your software yet their back end product does not convert, they may have to pay $50,000 in referral commissions to their affiliates and have no income to pay it. Do you warn people about this? You teach them to pay for leads but you can not guarantee they will make money on the back end. When they use this, and have to pay $50,000 and they do not have it, what will you tell them now? Seriously, what will you tell them. Can you guarantee the success of their backend. Your product could be pulled off the market as it can only hurt people that did not have the capital if the campaign brings in $-50,000.00 – Are you going to write them a check or turn your back on them and keep collecting the monthly payments.

The bottom line is, my software is 1000x more powerful, developed before yours, works better, has 100 x more success stories and case studies. Your CPA model software does 1/1000th of what Butterfly marketing does, yet your is 10 x the price over time or more!

What is also a fact that a mutual friend of ours liked BOTH of our software. Yet he opted to use mine for his campaign. His results were incredible. Even better than yours in just days not weeks using ButterflyMarketing. You know it, and it upset you that mine was used over yours. Yours could not do what mine does and yours cost more. Funny how you remain friends with him to this day when he used the SAME EXACT CPA MODEL and me… errrr… You. I am leaving his name out of it as he does not want to be caught in the middle. You have no issue with him? And you should not. So why you had your issues with me is still beyond me.

The fact is, I think the CPA model is potentially TOO DANGEROUS to teach people to use as they may find themselves $5000 to $50,000 in the hole. I believe this to be true so much, that even though my product kicks the pants off yours, and does 1000x more, I never told my members how to use do this and I never added it to my sales page. I want to protect people from a potential situation that can ruin their reputation online and financially as well.

So to discourage the blatant plagiarism going on all over the market, we decided to actually GIVE AWAY a powerful viral list building script to you Free!

Case is point. He has is facts wrong, and then plagiarizes MY product. Are you now REALLY seeing what is going on?

Although this is one small part of our Monster Viral software “The List Virus”, we decided to give this portion of the software away.Why Would We Give Away Software With No Strings Attached?


Warning, Read the strings…

There are actually three reasons.1) Other “Gurus” are about to charge you $47.00, $97.00, or even as much as $197.00 for the exact same thing, and that’s a rip off!

REALLY? Yet you want to rip people off on your up sell for $97 per MONTH! – OMG, what is the hypocrite count up to now?

Their version of viral list building is the least powerful method, and we don’t think you should pay a dime for a dressed up Tell-A-Friend technology that’s been around for years!

My has had more success stories in it’s beta than any person has ever had with yours. In fact, to this date, I challenge you to show me a list of success stories for you tool. Open Challenge. I will prove that I can show 20 success stories to every 1 of yours or I will pay you $25,000 cash for each one I can not do so. My tool has features not found anywhere, and not on the crap you are trying to give a way for free. Just because it is free, does not mean it is not crap. Where will your support and upgrades be? Ah.. You just want them to pay $97 pre month on your “NO Strings” up sell?

2) We know that once you use this Free Version of Just One of the basic features in our Full Blown Product, some of you will want to upgrade to the Monster Tool, “The List Virus”.

The truth rears its head…

or not…Either way, this set of powerful scripts are yours, Free with absolutely no obligation!

Except your email and lies used to get it…oh, so I can sell you something.

and finally…3) It’s been a while since I’ve given you something for Free to help you climb the Internet Marketing Food chain.

Spare us… Please. I mean really!. What a crock. He is pissed at me, trying to spoil my launch, giving away crap, and then using it all to sell you more crap for $97 pre month that to date, months later, he has no success stories what so ever on his site to back up his claims which I have proven to be exaggerated.

So What Exactly Is This Software
And How Is It Used.
Enjoy the scripts! (Click Here To See It In Action!)

This “Anti-Guru” now goes on to explain to you a list off plagiarized features of my product and my sales page called – After getting access to my sales page (it is obvious) because he lists his bullets near word for word and in the same order as my sales page he tries to give away crap.

Many have tested it and have told me it is buggy, does not work, is inferiors, and they would not use it if they were PAID $97 to use it.

So, do not let the scarcity minded liars warp the truth. You have now heard the real truth.

With that said, I will now show you the site of this lair. if you want to download crap for free, you can go flush your toilet, or go to his site at:
(his site)

Do not be surprised he he takes the site down or changes the text as I have proven him to be a liar. He most likely will take the site down after his lies are exposed.

If you want the real product that I developed that will have free upgrades and free customer support for life, than you pay for quality that WORKS from a person that has gained a reputation online by helping others and offering quality products.

Go here for

Thank you for taking the time to read this and allowing me a chance to set the record straight.

Mar 14

And the Award Goes To…

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Hi Guys,It’s been a while since I last wrote so I hope you enjoyed your holidays and have started your New Year right.

While I’ve been away I’ve had very little time to dedicate to promotions, however it’s come as quite a surprise to know that you, my readers and fans 😉 have cast a vote of assurance for me in the Internet Marketer of the Year Awards.

The organiser of the event, Brad Smith (most widely known for his Easter JV Giveaway) released the results of the month long survey on 12th January and it took a while to reach me with the announcement.

If popular opinion counts, then I’m excited about the results!

I happened to be among the select few that have one an award based on thousands of votes by your peers.

The full results of the survey can be downloaded from The Internet Marketer of the Year website at:

Awards were also given to marketers like Liz Tomey, Mark Hendricks, and Jeremy Gislason, just to name a few. It was very humbling when I received the good news from Brad that I am among some other great marketers as an award winner.

Visit to see who all the winners are.To Your Success,

Mike Filsaime

Mar 13

On the House

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If you want to distribute e-books or reports without having to worry about readers experiencing compatibility problems, you need the ability to create PDFs. While there are a few free PDF creators out there, most have bare bones capabilities which leave you with unprofessional looking documents. First impressions count in online marketing and your message will be less powerful if it comes in a shoddy package. PrimoPDF (available at is a free option that offers extensive features that are even comparable to Adobe Acrobat itself. In this article, we take a look at this powerful, free program that can be used to create documents from many different file formats.

Downloading and installing PrimoPDF takes just a few minutes. Once you’ve selected your preferred settings, open the document that you want to convert in the software used to create it (for example, open a WORD document in Microsoft WORD), select “Print” from the program’s menu, and in the printer destination options you’ll see a new type of printer available: PrimoPDF. Select PrimoPDF as your printer and the PrimoPDF application will open. You’ll have another opportunity to change any settings that are specific to this document. Once the conversion process has finished, the PDF will open on your screen so you can examine the finished product. The conversion process is very smooth and, overall, takes less than a minute to complete.

PrimoPDF can be used in this fashion with just about any application that has a “Print” facility, including Word files, Excel files and Powerpoint files.

Five different options for PDF creation are provided: Screen, eBbook, Print, Prepress and Custom. For most Internet Marketing purposes, you’ll use screen or e-book. Screen mode is appropriate for files that will be viewed on screen exclusively, creating PDF files with an image resolution of 72dpi and with no embedded fonts. The result is fine for viewing the PDF online and, crucially, creates a very small file size. The e-book setting is a step up and configures average-sized PDF files configuring images with a higher resolution. This setting is optimal for downloading and viewing on the computer screen but also prints reasonably well. Print mode, as you would expect, results in a larger file size but is appropriate if you are creating a document with color pictures that people will want to print out.

Among the settings is an option to specify the title, keywords, author and subject. These descriptions will help improve the searchability of your PDF if you are going to make it freely available to download. It can also help people who download the PDF to find it on their hard drives at a later date.

One of the features that make PrimoPDF stand out among free PDF creators is the security option. The common assumption is that a PDF document can’t be edited and altered once it is created. However, there are several programs that allow users to modify PDF documents, including copying and pasting their content. The security option can help to prevent your document from being altered and it can also prevent the file from being read by unauthorized users – useful if you’re selling the PDF and want to add a layer of protection.

PrimoPDF is a free and very easy to use application for creating PDF e-books, reports and worksheets to distribute online. It integrates perfectly with your word processing and spreadsheet programs and has valuable security features. Unless you’ve already purchased Adobe Acrobat for creating PDF content, PrimoPDF is an essential download.

Nitro PDF Software – Free Family
In addition to professional PDF creation and editing software, PrimoPDF is just one of a number of free PDF-related software products provided by Nitro PDF Software. Other free software downloads provide the ability to convert PDF files into other popular file types, to carry out PDF conversions online, and even edit existing PDF documents online. View Nitro PDF Software’s, Free Family at
This article was originally featured in Mike Filsaime’s print newsletter, “MDC Monthly.” You can get a free trial copy shipped to your door by clicking here.