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Dec 29

Jump Your Copywriting UP to the Next Level

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CopywritingI’m going to be discussing a simple yet extremely powerful writing system taught to me by inarguably one of the top copywriters in the country. My articles will be continuous throughout the up coming months so prepare yourself for explosive and powerful information in regards to the art of copywriting.

Being a successful copywriter has nothing to do with “good” writing. In fact most authors who write novels, books and poetry can not produce a successful sales letter. Some copywriters don’t know the difference between a compound sentence and a compound fracture – but they earn six figures writing sales letters.

Copywriters want to create a desire. We want the readers to act. We write to sell. That’s why we write “conversationally”, we write as we talk. If you can write as you talk – simply, directly – you can write well enough to be a copywriter. To be a great copywriter you need to follow the many steps needed to ensure your success.

When we have gone through all the steps and secrets you will be completely prepared to sit down and write anything that has all the persuasive tools of killer salesmanship on your side. You will know exactly what to write and how to write it. Since there are many steps to take and much information to go over, I will break it down in steps per article.

Of course, you’ll need to do a little research and background work. You have to know who you are writing to, the psychology of your prospects. You have to have a clear understanding of what you are offering and why it’s the best option compared to the many competitors. So let’s talk about the first three steps ; Market Research, Defining Your Customers, and Your USP (unique selling proposition).

Market Research
Before anything you must research, so absolutely do not skip this step! Research the market you are selling in, know more about what’s going on in the market and your prospects life.

Always gain an advantage over your competitors, the more you know the better. You have to position yourself against the competition. Everything else you do to generate sales flows from this step. You need to research the competition. You want to understand the size of the market, if there even is a market at all. Do your prospects have money and are they willing to part with it? If there is no one in that market, or no one making money in that market, that’s a big hint.

You have to analyze yourself. You have to describe to someone who you are and what you do in a matter of minutes, and if you can’t then you have made things too complex. Who are you? As far as credibility in your market, what do you bring to the table? What are you selling? Why are you selling? What brings you in to this market? Is it the family business? Passion? What do you do for your customers? And how will you sell to your customers? (You’re not selling the drill, your selling the hole).

It’s extremely important to ask yourself these questions, get a clear understanding of your mission and what you intend to accomplish. So sit down and take some time to really think about these questions and have them answered before you begin your writing.

Defining Your Customers
Know your audience; know who you are selling to. If you don’t, your websites, advertising and other marketing efforts are futile. Here is the best way to get into the mindset of your potential customers, so you can talk directly to their needs when you reach out to them: know the character, the persona of your prospects. Their age, race, gender, location, etc. or it might not be any of these – it might just be “where does it hurt.”

You need to answer these simple questions, so dig deep here. Who are you trying to sell to? What are their needs and deepest desires? What pains them? Most always they will have some sort of pain, physical pain, mental pain, anguish, something is bothering them. Define the real problem and solve it for them. What do they need to hear from you to feel good about buying?

You have to appeal to your prospect’s feelings and desires. Here are seven very important ones:

• Fear
• Greed
• Vanity
• Lust
• Pride
• Envy
• Laziness

Remember, people buy things for emotional, not rational reasons. Once a prospect is emotionally sold, he needs to justify his irrational decision with rational reasons.

Unique Selling Proposition.
Position yourself uniquely in your market in order to sell. It’s not what you sell but what your product or service does for your customer.

Is it faster? Easier? Simpler? A better bargain? An unfair advantage? Privilege and luxury? What is so unique about your product compared to the competition? You
will need to prove everything immediately to a very SKEPTICAL reader. Do not deepen the mystery, solve it with specifics.

Do not fall in love with your USP; it will not sell on its own. It is a way to set up interest and get your foot in the door. It also can be a great foundation for headlines. You will convince the prospect that your product is the best and only answer to his needs.

Ok, well, there you have 3 steps to get you started on your path to strong copywriting. We have so much more to go over and again I will be going over these steps in more detail once we get through all the steps. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you in future articles.

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Dec 22

Becoming an Authority

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If you’re interested in a particular career or profession, getting known is the key to being a successful authority figure in that profession. You have to ask yourself, “What makes a successful authority figure or leader in my field?” Becoming that authority figure in your field or career is essential to becoming successful in your profession and other aspects of your life.

As I see it, you want to be successful in your life and your career so you must practice and learn from other authority figures to accomplish this. Below I’ve listed some of the major steps and traits to follow.

Being Honest is one of the most important traits. Lies will never build trust. Getting caught in a lie will make you out to be deceptive. Your actions and words should always be in a truthful and sincere way. There is no room for deceitfulness to maintain honorable authority.

Learning from Failure is one of my favorites. I learn some of the biggest lessons here. Those who learn from their mistakes and use it to their advantage become wiser because of it. Everyone makes mistakes, so just learn from them. Think of learning from your mistake as a stepping stone to your own personal growth. Also remember being an authority figure and making a mistake is okay, so long as you learn from it.

Having Self-Confidence is another key in being a successful authority figure. To hold an authority figure status, you must have the self-confidence to not worry what other people think about you. You ultimately will not get authority status if you’re worried about your decisions. So, you must have confidence in your thoughts and actions at all times.

Goals and a Vision will you lead to higher success in your authority role. Having a game plan for the future and not just looking at today will play one of the most major parts in your success. Setting deadlines and getting tasks done in a proper time scale will save time and benefit your future success as well.

Motivation is another necessary trait to have. You must have the motivation as well as the ability to motivate others. In order to get things accomplished you must inspire others to have motivation to reach new heights and goals. You can show this by showing your self-confidence, taking charge, and proving things can get done.

Going to Events and getting your opinion heard is another step of getting known as an authority figure. Getting involved with people in your field and watching and learning from them is essential. So, going to social events and seminars, meeting people, and show your face along with your name to build that authority.

Be a Leader, not a follower. Showing authority is being in front of the crowd, not following it. Make sure you make the right decisions based on the facts and not based on what everyone else is doing. If you always follow the crowd, you will never build respect as an authority. They look up to you and you are there to create the path for them, not to follow behind others.

Speak With Authority. Get attention with your actions or views.

Blog. Get your name out there and give your views. Study other authorities who blog about a similar authority role or even a totally different role. You will see the trends and gain ideas from their writings and views.

Get Involved in Forums Online. Look for people in your niche and join the forums to read what they are writing about and the current issues. This is just the beginning of becoming an authority figure. These steps will point you in the right direction, but you have to build these skills everyday so that you can rise above normalcy and become the person that everyone looks up to. Do everything you can, and be the best you can to start being a leader today.

This article is one of the “Featured Articles” in our Print Newsletter, “MDC Monthly.” This article was written by Joseph Jablonski, one of the many expert marketers (like Stephen Pierce, Anik Singal, George Brown, and Omar Martin) that write for our newsletter along with Mike Filsaime. You can get a free trial copy shipped to your door by clicking here.

Dec 15

Setting and Reaching Your GOALS

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In this article you are going to learn a system that can and will assist you in setting and attaining your goals this year and beyond if you chose to follow it. This system has allowed me to reach heights and accomplishments in unrelated fields that seem mind boggling in retrospect. Ranging from being a National Bicycle Champion, to the #1 Honor Graduate out of USMC Boot Camp, #1 in 5 separate sales organizations to working as Mike Filsaime’s VP for almost 3 years now, and much more.

If you apply these 5 steps into your life, you too can get yourself from where you are now to where you want to be in record time.

First step is to clarify your Vision. What do you really want? If you could be, do, and have anything, what would you choose? More specifically, in the upcoming year, what is your number one goal you would like to focus on and attain?

Grab a blank sheet of paper right now, write ‘Dream List’ at the top of it, and list everything you even think you want to be, do, or have. Let your imagination run wild and take all things into consideration like family, travel, income, cars, homes, lifestyle, accomplishments, etc. From that list you will have some short-term goals and some long-term goals. Now it is up to you to choose a couple (2-4) of those dreams that you want to focus on in this upcoming year. If you were to fast-forward to December of next year, what would you look back upon and be most proud of if you were to accomplish in this year?

Second step is to Believe. As long as your goal is in line with your skills and aptitudes, you need to believe that if you commit to this goal and take the proper steps to achieve it, then you can reach it. Law of cause and effect, sowing and reaping will come into play here. As long as you are not choosing to go where no man has gone before, and if you are aware your goal is attainable by others, then it can be attained by you with the proper actions.

Third step is to Identify and Align. Identify as specifically as possible who has attained what you are seeking to accomplish, then align yourself with them as best as you can. Align yourself with e-books they have written, courses they provide, seminars they put on, plus any audio or video you can find about them and their journey. Plug in and get your questions answered. Namely this one, “How can I, in the most efficient and timely manner, get from where I am to where you are?”

Fourth step is a Relentless Commitment to Action. You must be willing to pay your dues with Massive Action. Depending on your skill level and the gap between where you are compared to where you want to be, this action can take weeks to years to decades in some cases of goals. When you study most successful people you will find that they were overnight successes that took about 5-15 years going above and beyond what was expected, major commitment, and massive action.

You will also notice they didn’t allow setbacks or failed attempts to stop them. They learned from their mistakes, picked themselves back up, and continued on in taking more massive proper action as best as they knew.

Fifth step is to Have Fun and Enjoy the Journey. Whenever you have a goal that lights your fire and becomes almost like your passion, it takes on a life of it’s own and the hours of study and work seem more like fun than work. If and when you have a goal that you dread putting time or action into and it feels like a job, I would suggest you reevaluate that goal or dream. That being said, here is a quote by Zig Ziglar that best summarizes this journey of setting and achieving goals:

“When you do the things you need to do, when you need to do them, the day will come when you can do the things you want to do, when you want to do them.”

I want to assist you in attaining your goals this year and beyond and will continue with Setting and Reaching Your Goals in 2009 in next month’s article.

This article is one of the “Featured Articles” in our Print Newsletter, “MDC Monthly.” This article was written by Tom Beal, one of the many expert marketers (like Stephen Pierce, Anik Singal, George Brown, and Omar Martin) that write for our newsletter along with Mike Filsaime. You can get a free trial copy shipped to your door by clicking here.

Dec 14

What’s inside the January 2011 issue of MDC Monthly?

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January 2011Building Success with Traffic Generation

  • Discover the right tools to make Article Marketing simple.
  • How to create your own Authority Site.
  • Five ways to improve your PPC Results (without spending more money).
  • The two most common Traffic Generation Mistakes you MUST avoid.
  • The most Important Traffic Generation method in 2011.

“Goodbye to Free Speech” with Michael Young, Esquire

  • Why the government is shutting down websites.
  • The warning that every blog and forum owner must hear.
  • How to stay off the government’s radar.

“Buzz Marketing” with George Brown

  • How to get OTHER people talking about your website.
  • The two key questions you MUST ask before writing your press release.
  • How to get past the “gatekeepers.”
  • The free service that connects you with journalists hungry for your story.

“Traffic Exchange Perfection” with Robert Puddy

  • The four steps to a bullet-proof traffic exchange strategy.
  • How to make your splash page stand out.
  • The line of text you MUST include on every splash page.

Additional articles in the January 2011 issue:

  • “Playing to Win” with Stephen Pierce
  • “Squeeze Page Creation” with Omar Martin
  • “The Winning Game” with Anik Singal
  • “The Good Old Days” with Jennifer Syrkiewicz
  • “Defining The Interview” with Heather Vale Goss
  • “The Art of Translation” with Joel “The Blog Tech Guy” Williams

Latest book reviews:

  • The Web Traffic Book: A Definitive Guide to Crushing Your Competitors and Getting All the Customers You Ever Need” by Ross Goldberg
  • Attention! This Book Will Make You Money” by Jim F. Krugal

Additional regular features:

  • Internet Marketing News
  • “Free Advice and Worth Every Penny” with Dafydd Manton

Don’t miss the January 2011 edition of MDC Monthly!
You can get a free trial copy shipped to your door by clicking here.

Dec 08

Beginners Guide to WEB Optimization “The Benefits of Optimizing”

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Web Browser

So you’re interested in Internet Marketing. You find a niche you like, start creating content and have your money-making website up and running. Now all that’s left to do is to keep driving traffic that website and the possibilities are endless. In order to get raw loads of search engine traffic you need to get your site optimized.

A well-built site is the key element to start the optimization process, because after reaching a website a user typically decides whether they will stay or not after a few seconds. Follow my ‘Sales Page Evolution’ article in last month’s MarketingDotCom Newsletter issue and apply the evolution steps to your website to make that first impression.

Now that you’ve caught your readers’ attentions, you need to retain traffic and get them to take action. Something you absolutely need to pay attention to is your headline. Make sure you have a strong headline; readers generally focus on a few main areas like the headline, prominent images and graphics, simple text that explains major benefits, and most important a call to action.

Now you know what needs to be on your web page, more optimizing is needed to improve conversion even more. You can perform two types of tests, A/B Split Testing and Multivariate Testing. Depending on what you want to test and what kind of product you’re selling, one type should work better for you than the other. A/B testing works best for sites with less traffic, and multivariate testing I recommend for testing sites with multiple pages.

Give your site a second look! Are you optimized? Get started today… Get more leads. Streamline your online lead generation forms to get the data you need without losing potential leads. Improve your landing page. Reduce the number of would-be customers you lose through ineffective landing pages. Website Optimizer’s automated testing makes it easy to fix and deploy compelling landing pages.

Still need more to do? Increase viewer time spent on your site, uncover your best content, engage your visitors, and capture more attention. My favorite reason to optimize is to increase website conversion rates. With testing, you will identify the winning content combinations that drive conversions, regardless what type of site you have or what niche you’re into.

This article is one of the “Featured Articles” in our Print Newsletter, “MDC Monthly.” This article was written by Lucius “Kern” Saltibus, one of the many expert marketers (like Stephen Pierce, Anik Singal, George Brown, and Omar Martin) that write for our newsletter along with Mike Filsaime. You can get a free trial copy shipped to your door by clicking here.

Dec 01

Out-Task & Grow Rich – Part Three Hiring Virtual and In-House Employees

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This month you are going to learn three valuable resources, plus several personal strategies and techniques to assist you in properly hiring virtual and/or in-house employees. Before we jump into those, let me back up and make one thing clear…
Your number one goal as an online entrepreneur is to generate a sale and a profitable sales process.

That occurs when you:

a) Locate or create an in demand product or service of value,
b) then provide it to a niche market who wants and needs that product or service,
c) attain the proper targeted traffic to your site,
d) convert a decent percentage of your targeted visitors into buyers,
e) priced at a fair market value the target market is willing and able to invest,
f) with a fair profit margin remaining for you as the entrepreneur.

This Out-Task & Grow Rich article series has shared numerous ways to assist you in accomplishing this goal through out-tasking so you won’t have to do it all yourself, and if this is done effectively it will dramatically shorten that journey to profitability. No magic formula exists that will tell you when the right time is to hire someone full or part time. That would be dependent upon your business plan, comfort level, and level of profitability. Only you will know when the time is right for you to bring on an employee.

One of the main questions asked frequently is, “Who should I hire first?” The answer to that is simple. Once your sales process is in place and your business reaches steady profitability, it is highly recommended that you hire people to handle your customer support and from there move into staff that can assist you with execution of your daily revenue producing tasks (video, html, php, webmaster, programmer, copywriter).

Three resources that can greatly assist you in knowing when the time is or isn’t right for you to add new people to your team and how to go about hiring and dealing with superstars are the books:

“The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies” by Chet Holmes

“Top Grading: How Leading Companies Win By Hiring, Coaching, and Keeping The Best People” byBradford D. Smart, Ph.D.

“Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat” by Michael Masterson

All of those books are highly acclaimed and recommended not only for tremendous business growth strategies but they get into how to hire stars and deal effectively with employees. When Mike wanted to hire a top sales person over a year ago, he and I used the ad laid out in Chet Holmes’ book almost word for word and followed his system to the letter. Bottom line, it saved us an amazing amount of time and it weeded out the low performers and we noticed very quickly who the top performers were.

Last month that top performer we hired by following Chet’s system, and his team that he hired using the same process, was responsible for over $100,000 in profit. Here is Chet’s ad as seen on page 84 of “The Ultimate Sales Machine” that we barely modified to bring in our top performer:

Superstars Only $50K to $300K
Don’t even call unless you are an overachiever and can prove it. Come build an empire within our fine, progressive company. We are in the XYZ industry, but we don’t hire backgrounds. We hire top producers. If you’re average, you can earn $50K with us. If you are a star, you can earn $300K plus. Young or old, if you have the stuff, we’ll know. Contact us at…”

Chet continues on until page 101 describing the follow up strategies in hiring a superstar sales person. As a quick summary, of pages 86 and 87, he explains how to separate the weak callers from the superstars within 60 seconds. Here’s how:

When they call, your whole purpose is to put the onus on them by asking them to tell you why you should interview them. No matter what they say, you tell them you’re not really hearing it; you’re not hearing a top performer.

To Mike and my surprise, many of the callers would say, “Really? Ok!” and hang up…which is EXACTLY what they would do to any prospect that threw them an objection. After numerous calls from people wanting the position we got a person who just wouldn’t accept the fact that he wasn’t the superstar we were searching for no matter how many times we told him we weren’t hearing it.

He handled it in a very professional manner and impressed us with his sales ability in overcoming that ego test objection.

Until you experience a process like this you can hardly grasp the power of it, yet once you do it once you will be forever grateful for the time you would have otherwise wasted in a long drawn out hiring process. One word for it: brilliant! There is much more to that particular system and as mentioned I would recommend getting this book and not only reading it, but keeping it as a valuable resource and reference tool. Shoot, Mike and I even used the books advice during the face-to-face interviews as it also has many great questions to ask potential superstars who make it past the phone stage for a face to face interview.

Obviously the above example shared our success in locating a sales superstar. So how about an ad for a local “normal” superstar worker like a copywriter or a programmer? That’s where the book “Ready, Fire, Aim” can assist you, since it even shares an example ad for a copywriter in Chapter 21.

“Top Grading” is another book that can become an invaluable tool simply for the forms it provides such as: interview guides (with questions to ask), career history, reference checks, assessment scorecards, interviewer feedback, and more.
It also goes into depth about steps and strategies you will want to know in order to avoid any legal problems in the hiring, managing and firing of employees.

Another popular question that is asked is, “Where do you find most of your people?”
We simply ask our friends and colleagues who they know that is good at XYZ task (whichever position we are searching for). From our own network of referrals and friends is where we have gained most of our team. Seminars and industry events are another great place to find talent. Mike and I first met at a seminar, and then again at another seminar a couple months later. That’s where our friendship and business relationship began.

Action Step #1: Get your hands on the three books mentioned in this article and read them immediately. (Re-read or review them if you already have them.)

Action Step #2: Always remember your number one goal as an online marketer. Is your profitable sales process in place yet? If not, what must happen to get it in place? If it is, who can you bring on board to maximize those profits?

By Tom Beal
This article first appeared in the December 2008 issue of the MarketingDotCom newsletter. You can get a free copy of the latest issue for the price of shipping at