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Nov 24

Helping Others Will Build Relationships

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Almost everyone has heard of that old quote:

“You can get what you want by helping others get what they want.”

Think about it. It’s absolutely the one of the truest statements I know. Here’s an example. This can relate to a lot of different situations. In this case it was an unhappy person/customer:

I had a customer on the phone the other day and he was stating he needed help or he would have to cancel a particular product. You have been there. You don’t understand something, but a simple solution could be answered by someone else who knows the next step or solution to your problem. At this point, I’m starting this conversation with his wall in front of me, so to say. I have to break this wall down before I can even go any further.

Listen to the customer or possible future relation. Find out what is the real problem and find a solution that will help him and benefit you at the same time. Helping them with their problem and not putting it off shows your relation you are there to help them.

Now, I helped him overcome what turned out to be a simple problem. Not so simple for some, but I was able to help him in this circumstance. This was the first step in the process of relationship building. Helping him gained his trust and attention. He was grateful, now that I have his attention. I started to ask him some key questions about what he does for a living. By doing this I am building a relationship for future integration at this point without him even knowing it. Not only did I save a customer from cancelling, I solved his problem, and I built a relationship. I got all his contact information and followed up with him a few days later. He was thrilled to hear from me. He started to tell me more about what he did; once again I gave him some more advice.

One week later he called me to thank me because of the advice I gave him. It relieved him of a major stress factor he was having and increased his sales and production by 30%. Now that I had opened a door to a new business relationship and I started to tell him a little about our company. We are now integrating with each other, with profits I must add. So, you can see how valuable helping others will build relations and in this example bring in profits.

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Nov 10

3 Streams of Traffic Most People Swear are Useless

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If you’ve ever spent any amount of time in any of the most popular marketing forums, you’ve probably come across many threads that swore these 3 streams of traffic are utterly useless:

– List Builders
– Safelists
– Passive Traffic

Every time I came across one of these threads, I would naturally chime in and defend them. On many occasions, I have provided documented results that THEY 100% DO WORK! It really is just a matter of how you approach these streams of traffic.

All 3 Can Produce Extremely Favorable Results – Some Better Than Others

I’ve added thousands of subscribers to my list and made lots of money from these subscribers. And you can too if you put into action what I’m about to share with you.

My goal in this and the next 2 to 3 articles is to teach you the best ways to maximize these streams of traffic. I’ll need more than my allotted space to cover all 3 in a way that you can understand it and take action with the information we’ll be discussing…
So, in this article, we’re going to talk about the most effective of the three.

List Builders

List Builders are viral membership sites that enable their members (YOU) to send email offers to those they refer. They can also send out offers to the referrals THEIR referrals get, usually down anywhere from 10 – 20 levels.

So, if you are an active member of one of these sites who promotes “the ability to mail any offer to your downline up to 20 levels deep,” you can potentially be able to mail to thousands of people every fixed amount of time.

These types of sites allow you to mail to your downline as little as once a week or as often as once every 48 hours – depending on your membership level.

Here’s the Best Part about List Builders

When you join these sites, you will always be presented with a special “New Member” offer which will enable you to not have to ever promote the site if you don’t want to. “Huh? That doesn’t make any sense Jason. I thought you told me I have to actively promote it so I can mail to my downline I built from referrals?”

The reason this is good is because they’ll offer you an upgrade to the highest membership level the site offers and you’ll be able to mail to more people more often.

In my experience, it’s usually anywhere from 1,000 – 5,000 random members that you can email your offer to every 2 or 3 days. I’ll provide a link to a list of the List Builders that I have been using for well over 2 years now in order of most responsive to least responsive. But, for now, just keep reading this article and I’ll give you the link at the end of it.

Join As Many As You Can Afford To Upgrade To
This is important. Don’t join the site if you’re not going to upgrade right away. You’ll be able to upgrade your membership later, but it will be limited and more expensive then when you first join.

You’ll get the best bang for your buck if you upgrade immediately after you join when you see the one time offer. Trust me on this. It will take you a LONG TIME to build up your network that you’ll be able to mail to if you go the free membership route.
Plus, you’ll only be able to send once a week instead of 2 or 3 times a week.

Here’s What You Send To Members Of List Builders
The best thing to mail to a list builder is anything where the only action for your site’s visitor to do is fill their name and email address into an opt-in form – or leave your site. In other words you send them to a squeeze page, also known as a lead capture page. Ideally, this should be your own site so you can build your own list instead of someone else’s, but if you don’t have your own site yet, I’m not opposed to your building someone else’s – so as long as they pay you a commission on any upgrade sales you make related to that site.

The Message Is Crucial
Having the right format for your message will determine the amount of traffic you get to your site, so you want the message to be short, sweet, and to the point.

Your subject line should be something like – “Download your free whatever” It doesn’t have to be in those exact words, but something along those lines would work. Your message should be just as short and to the point as well so they don’t have to scroll at all. Maybe just a 1 sentence opening and your link to your offer. Obviously, you should be testing different subject lines to get the most responses. That’s it!

Try this out and you’ll be astonished at how good of a source List Builders will prove to be for your business. If you are upgraded to every List Builder on the list you’ll see below, there’s no reason why you can’t add anywhere from 10 – 25 subscribers to your list daily. I’ve added as much as 75 in one day. Even if you can only swing one upgraded right now, you’ll still get a consistent flow of traffic to your site and you’ll be getting subscribers every time you mail.

Here’s a link to the List Builders I personally use and have been seeing great results with:

That’s all for List Builders for now. Make sure you look out for my next article which will cover the 2nd most responsive of the 3 “useless” streams of traffic.

By Jason Dinner
This article first appeared in the December 2008 issue of the MarketingDotCom newsletter. You can get a free copy of the latest issue for the price of shipping at

Nov 03

Out-Task and Grow Rich, Part 2

By mikefilsaime | Uncategorized

WorkloadIn this article you will continue to gain insights on how to leverage your time and results through the power of out-tasking by learning more inside tips, tricks, and strategies used when searching for solution providers.

Proper use of out-tasking is one of the tricks of the trade that, once you get a handle on and become proficient, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

As with any new strategy or technique though, it takes action and implementation on your part. Once you begin to apply these techniques and strategies you’ll soon recognize that it is not that complicated at all and your aptitude and comfort level will grow rather quickly.

The quickest way, as mentioned in the previous article, is to dive right in and hire a virtual assistant. This will build your out-tasking muscles and begin freeing your time to focus on revenue-producing activities. The one I use is

Next would be to post a project at one of the popular freelance sites: (web design, copywriting, ghost-writing, SEO, graphic design, software development, etc.). Remember, just because you post a project does not mean you must actually hire anyone. Do it just for the practice once or twice.

Now let me share with you a checklist of little tricks, Inc. has learned throughout the years when dealing with out-taskers.

  • Ensure you have a clear vision of the end results you are seeking. Draw it out or mind map it to cover all the bases. We use
  • Post a 10-day job and hire no sooner than the 7th day. Be patient.
  • Post projects in simple form and tell them you will provide an accompanying word doc with overload details (keeps job secret and not public, which could give other people ideas to run with).
  • Be sure to post your budget, and use the phrase, “This is an easy job for the right person,” in the bid to keep the price low.
  • Place a code word in your project that they must reply with in order to be considered. This eliminates auto-replies that sound good but most of time they never read your project requirements.
  • Check referrals.
  • Be sure to get a working copy of the script as soon as possible (in your hands, not on their servers), as many times projects are paid for only to disappear before fulfilling the end product.
  • Always request template based scripts and fully commented code for software and scripts.
  • Do not allow them to outsource to a 3rd party (very common if not addressed).
  • Insist on their top people working on your project/script, not their new people.
  • Have a non-disclosure agreement and a non-compete clause that states the project cannot be used to develop or bid on other projects . . . ever.
  • State they may not illegally use anyone else’s technology simply because they were the prior developer.
  • Use the communication tools provided by the site and not via email or IM until later stages of the project when trust has been established.
  • State that you will not pay for unforeseen yet obvious needs and incremental changes that will be required.
  • State that all bugs and minor tweaks will be done for 90 days after project completion with no additional charge.
  • And when you do find extraordinary talented and reliable people, find a way to make them a full time virtual team member.

These are valuable insights that you can benefit from without putting in the years of trial and error we have put in.

Action step for this month is to hire a VA – if you haven’t already – and post a project in,,,,, or Begin working on those out-tasking muscles today!

By Tom Beal
This article first appeared in the November 2008 issue of the MarketingDotCom newsletter. You can get a free copy of the latest issue for the price of shipping at