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Oct 27

Out-Task and Grow Rich – Part One

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Prepare to learn tips, strategies, techniques and systems that can assist you in fully harnessing and profiting from properly out-tasking in your business.

As you noticed, this is Part One in a series of articles focusing on the art of out-tasking. In each part of the series you will learn actionable tips and strategies that you can begin implementing and benefiting from immediately. First, let me share with you the distinctions between outsourcing and out-tasking.

Outsourcing vs. Out-tasking

Outsourcing is more of a long-term relationship you have with a company who performs tasks over and over again. This includes services like payroll, fulfillment, customer service, coaching, telemarketing and accounting.

Out-tasking is when you are able to locate experts for a project or task that is more short or medium term. It is used to perform tasks you can do, but would cost you more of your time than having them done by a third-party professional.

In most cases, out-tasking will give you a better quality, faster and cleaner result than doing it yourself. Some jobs commonly out-tasked are web design, software creation, graphics, copywriting, transcription services, audio and video editing, script installation, PowerPoint presentations, Camtasia tutorials, keyword or market research, data entry and more.

Both outsourcing and out-tasking are great ways to free up your time to focus on your strengths and revenue-producing activities.

How to Post Jobs
Today you will learn a couple tips on how to properly post jobs on resource sites such as and to find quality people whose expertise can assist you in growing your online business and results.

Clarity in your job description is vital. The clearer the directions and guidance in your job post, the better your chances of getting what you envisioned. Here’s a big catch, though: many of the experts who reply to your job do so with an automated response they send to every job they want to win. That means they most likely have not even read your post at all; they just want your business.

To ensure the bidders who want to earn your business have read your post, we suggest you have a sentence somewhere in the middle of your post. The sentence should have a code word instructing them to reply with the code word to be considered – something along the lines of: “To be considered for this job, your reply must contain the word ‘Shazam!’” (or whatever code word you choose).

Also, you will want to include the following line in your post to attract the level of expertise your project requires and to keep the price as reasonable as possible: “This is an easy job for the right person.”

Now that you have some knowledge on how to post your job, here is your assignment:

1) Grab a pad of paper and a pen and begin writing down all the activities that you currently do, but feel you could get an expert to do better, and in less time.

2) Visit and create a free account if you don’t have one yet, or log in if you already have an account. Click on the Find Professionals tab in the upper right hand corner. Begin browsing categories similar to the tasks you listed on your pad of paper. This will give you an idea as to what is out there waiting for you.

3) Choose your number one task that you should and can out-task. Go to My Elance, click on the Post Your Project button at the top right, then fill out the details of your project. Keep in mind, you are NOT required to even hire anyone if you don’t feel ready, but posting your first project is key.

Stay tuned for the next part in this series as we go even deeper in out-tasking. You’ll get more step-by-step guidance and learn how to properly work with out-taskers.

By Tom Beal
This article first appeared in the September 2008 issue of the MarketingDotCom newsletter. You can get a free copy of the latest issue for the price of shipping at

Oct 20

Building Business Relationships to Last

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HandshakeOkay, you’ve made that great first impression. Now what? It’s time to build a strong relationship with this person. Your goal here is to begin asking questions and listening to find common ground.

Find out where they’re from, maybe their hometown, college, or even their favorite sport or team. This will build a stronger relationship and conversational material for future meetings or chats on the phone. The information you bring to the table in this relationship combined with your value, skills and beliefs can take this to higher roads.

What you put into this relationship is usually what you get in return. The greater the value you give this person, the stronger the business relationship will become. This will lead to possible future ties to more relationships with their clients or business partners. Giving them leads or introducing them to possible business relationships can also build a strong bond.

Not every relationship provides value, but this is something you might not know in the beginning. Consider it practice and learn from it. You might be valuable to them, and sometimes you have to give before you receive. It goes back to that saying, “When you help others reach their needs, in return you will too.” Some people can take their relationships for granted, but if you’re patient, you will realize that you might benefit from it too.

Communication with your relationships monthly, or even weekly, will have an effect on taking that relationship to the next level. Just a simple hello on the phone or an email to keep you in the loop with them will help. Heck, send them a birthday card or holiday card.

You don’t want to lose this relationship or let it dwindle because of not staying in touch. If this relationship starts to fade, it can sometimes take a long time to get it back – more time than you initially invested in creating the relationship.

One important thing and a rule of thumb is:
Treat this relationship like you would like to be treated.

I know this is common sense and you probably hear it all the time, but apply it and follow it. Often, we forget the most common things and try to move too fast or right by them. Go back to basics no matter how many times you do it. It’s worth it in the long run. Here’s to your future connections.

By Joseph Jablonski

Oct 13

Quick and Easy Steps for Writing Great Articles

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WritingWriting articles is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert, generate website traffic and get people to buy from you. You can get article ideas everywhere.

Get them from news, current events and concerns voiced in online forums and discussion groups. You can read other articles, and expand on what the authors wrote, or use them as a springboard for offering a different point of view.

Whatever you write, follow these steps for best results:

1) Know What Readers Want
In their book, Turn Words into Traffic, experts Jim and Dallas Edwards list six things readers want:

  • Answers to technical problems causing them pain
  • Solutions to problems costing them money
  • Solutions to save time
  • Answers to personal or stress related problems
  • Information they can use right away
  • Something fun, amusing or entertaining

2) Write a Great Headline
Headlines are critical. If your headline doesn’t grab attention, the reader will stop reading. It must answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”

There are many types of headlines, including:

  • The Guarantee
  • The Testimonial
  • The Frustration/Problem
  • The Reason-Why
  • The Benefit
  • The How-To
  • The Question

Within your headline, use these power words for maximum impact:

  • Announcing
  • How Much
  • Advice To
  • The Truth About
  • Amazing Secrets
  • Little-Known Secrets
  • Facts
  • Life
  • New
  • Now
  • Discover
  • At Last
  • Free
  • You
  • Only
  • Breakthrough.

3) Know the Do’s and Don’ts

DO keep content relevant and interesting. That way, readers will be engaged and may even share your article with others.

DO deliver on what your headline promises. You can either (a) cover a topic in depth, or (b) cover only part of the topic and drive readers to your website for more information. Either way, don’t disappoint the reader.

DO stay focused on why you’re writing the article. Don’t try to cover too much.

DO write in a conversational tone. Write to one person, not an entire group.

DO be mindful of copyright issues.

If you read something valuable, you can write a brief introduction and link to the original piece. However, if you want to include the article on your web site or newsletter, then get permission to reproduce it.

DON’T make your article all about you. Avoid constant sales pitches. If you’ve written a good article, your resource box at the end is enough.

DON’T write down to the reader. Sometimes a few subtle word changes can make all the difference.

DON’T overuse crutch words. Your article will be easier to read. These are all crutch words:

  • am
  • are
  • is
  • was
  • were
  • be
  • been
  • have
  • has
  • had

4) Focus on Word Count
Keep your article at 600-1,000 words. A full typed page is 500 words. If you are writing for your ezine, articles should be even shorter. Expert copywriter Robert Bly says his ezine always contains five to seven short articles, each only a few paragraphs. It takes readers less than a minute to read each article, and less than seven minutes to read his entire ezine.

5) Use an Easy Formula for Writing

Step 1: Grab your reader’s attention with a strong headline.
Step 2: Write your introduction. Use just a few sentences to explain your position on the topic.
Step 3: List your main points; around five of them.
Step 4: Expand on your main points with a few sentences.
Step 5: Write your conclusion. This could be a call to action or an opinion you want the reader to acknowledge or adopt.

6) Vary the Types of Articles You Write
Make it fun for yourself by changing the types of articles you write. Here are a few:

How-To: Include step-by-step instructions. If the information is too long for an article, link it back to your website for further material.

Interview: Select a topic your readers care about, and interview an expert. What trends are on the horizon? What actions, products or services do they recommend? You can write this straight or use a Q&A format. Interview your expert in person, by phone or email.

Profile: Profile a subject matter expert. Feature basic facts about where they work and how they’ve influenced the company or industry.

List: Magazines use these types of articles all the times. For example: 10 Ways to Feel Better Fast.

Seminar/Conference Recap: Attend an industry seminar or conference and write an overview of what you learned (e.g., new products and services or industry trends).

Case Study: If you have a satisfied customer, write about their experience using your product or service.

7) Rid Yourself of Writer’s Block

If you don’t know what to write about, an editorial calendar can help. This is a schedule of writing topics you can plan a month or more in advance. It helps with writer’s block because it gives you the topics. You gather material ahead of time so when you’re ready to write, you’ll have most or all of your content handy.

Whether you write your own articles or use contributing writers, you can ensure your readers eyes will be glued to your article with a catchy headline and relevant, interesting content. Following these simple steps can take your article from ho-hum to WOW!

By Lauren Tyson
This article first appeared in the September 2008 issue of the MarketingDotCom newsletter. You can get a free copy of the latest issue for the price of shipping at

Oct 07

Niche Research Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

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Many people say that traffic is the most important part of Internet Marketing.  Brad Callen says that this is false.  Targeted traffic is!  Having people visit your website won’t do you any good if they’re not interested in what you’re trying to sell, right?

With Brad’s new product, Keyword Elite 2.0 Software, he says that he can help you choose the right keywords to get the right traffic to your site (the keywords that buyers are searching for).  This intrigued me to read more.

He says that this software will help you “dominate” the following categories: niche marketing, Google AdWords, and the search engines. Still need to read more.

He gives you tricks and tips (in addition to the software) on how to choose keywords for your product/software/product/service.  This product will also show you what niches are high profit, low competition.  It will even show you how many searches you niche has had in the past six months.  This will really help you discover which niche(s) to pursue and which to give up on.  He will give you tips on how to dominate a small niche, but also how to get a slice of a bigger niche.  Whatever your interest, Brad will show you the way to make money from it.

There are literally dozens of tetimonials on his page from happy customers.  One says that a man got more subscriptions in a few days using Keyword Elite 2.0 than he did in a few months before using this software.

You might be thinking, “I have Brad’s original Keyword Elite, so I don’t need this one.”  False.  This one has so many upgrades (literally 15 that he is willing to mention on his sales page, along with hundreds  that he doesn’t mention here).  Not only is the new one faster and more user friendly, but it had a multi-tab interface so you can run multiple projects at once, and a “competition strength indicator” that shows you if a niche is worth getting into or not.  These alone are some pretty sweet upgrades.

For only $97, you recieve eight programs from keyword research to SEO to AdWords to CPA.  That might sound intimidating, but he says this software is so easy that a young child could do it.  You receive a bonus or two with this software as well.

This software is for anyone who wants to get into a new niche, who is already in a niche and wants to see if they could do more and make more with different keywords, or who has the original Keyword Elite and wants to see all the cool new features (so, basically this software is for anyone at all).

Click here to learn more!

Oct 07

Do You Have Two Weeks…

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… to learn how to make a full-time income online?

With Mack Michaels’ product, Maverick Money Makers, he will show you just that.

On his sales page, he gives you proof that, with this system, he has made over 2.6 million dollars in less than one year, and over $117,000 in a month.  He does not promise you will make these numbers yourself, but the possibility is definitely there.

He makes all this money by affiliate marketing.  Yes, you heard me: he sells other peoples’ products and makes millions of dollars.  If you’re a newbie, reading his sales page might seem like a dream.  If you’re a seasoned marketer, then you’ve read it all before.  He says you can work for yourself, work however many hours a day you want, never wake up to an alarm clock again, and can officially stop working for other people.  Most of us have heard this all before, but Mack shows you start to finish how to master affiliate marketing and finally make this your reality.

You can join the exclusive Maverick Money Makers club for only $97.  It includes access to over 60 videos showing you everything from how to build your business from scratch (how to choose your product, how to create content, how to do video marketing, and more), “Quick Money Blueprints,” that show you how to make money immediately, more videos on how to master certain skills, coaching, and a bunch of bonus items.  And, whenever he thinks of something new, he records a video and adds it to his site.

His sales page has a 20 minute video made up of almost a dozen people saying how much they love his product and how Mack is really committed to your success.  He doesn’t leave any questions unanswered!

So, if you are a newbie or even a marketing veteran who wants to get into affiliate marketing, this product seems like an easy way to get started and a worthwhile investment.

Click here to learn more!

Oct 06

Making Money From PLR Content

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Once you have PLR (private label rights) content in your possession, how do you turn it into cash? This is what separates the serious from the tire kickers. Taking action is the key step to making money. It’s so much better to try something, make a couple hundred dollars and learn from it. Not everything will be a runaway success!

Find out what works and what doesn’t by testing and making adjustments.

If you keep at it, you will find a market that pays you handsomely or a system that works for you over and over again. Typically, the first thing people want to do when they buy the latest PLR package is to simply turn around and resell the same package.

You can do that, but it’s only an advantage for you if:

  • You get in early before the market is saturated.
  • You already have a large list.

In all of the years I have been “turning around” PLR, I have made so much more money by making it my own.

Here’s what I typically do:

1. Choose a Core PLR eBook
Sometimes we find a PLR eBook that is so well written we don’t want to make any changes to it. It may be perfect for our target market so we want to put it out for sale immediately. Don’t be tempted to do this if you really want to maximize your profits and exposure in your niche. You should, at a minimum, change the title and author, and add some links of your own. But for the sake of being different and more original, you should add more content, as well as change what’s there. If you’re not willing to do even that, then you should really evaluate whether this is for you.

Let’s not forget the nature of PLR – hundreds of others have the exact same eBook, and they will inevitably be competing with you for sales.

2. Bundle Related PLR Products
It is much better to sell a package of products to give the buyer more value and increase the price of the sale. In this case, you would scour the PLR sites, auctions and forums to find several topically related eBooks, software, scripts or articles. This one tactic has increased my sales and profits drastically. When you increase the perceived and actual value, you will increase sales.

3. Sell the Resale Rights
You can always make money by selling the resale rights to the PLR product, assuming you’ve checked the terms of use. There are many people who don’t want to modify the product at all, but they want the ability to sell the product on their Terms, for whatever price they determine, and keep 100% of the profits. Those are the people who would happily pay a premium to buy the resale rights from you. In fact, this makes a very quick and easy upsell without having to add more content.

This takes very little setup time. There are many other things you can do, such as use an eBook as content for your newsletter or blog, create audios and videos to go with your package, sell your package on eBay as a lead generator, create Ad-Sense sites, and so much more. These are the things I do at a minimum. It’s important to be different and offer real value to your customers.
Bottom line? Take action. The profits will follow.

By Mike Ambrosio
This article first appeared in the October 2008 issue of the MarketingDotCom newsletter. You can get a free copy of the latest issue for the price of shipping at

Oct 05

Make The Most Of Your Blogging Experience…

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With this plug-in!

Ninja Affiliate, a new product from Pawan Agarwal, is a WordPress plug-in that can help you manage your blog better than you can on your own.

One cool feature that it has is the ability to make keywords into affiliate links on your blog.  What’s even cooler is that you can control how many of those keywords are converted into affiliate links.  This means that, if you want the keyword “affiliate” to turn into a link, you can choose that only three of the words get connected to a link.  If every time the word “affiliate” showed up in your blog it was a link to something, then it would make your whole site seem scammy.  This feature makes sure that doesn’t happen.

This plug-in also let’s you create new affiliate tracking links very quickly while you’re writing your blog post; you don’t have to try to find an affiliate link to copy and paste on the blog.   This will obviously make tracking where your leads come from a little bit easier than the normal way we’ve all been doing it.

It also has a few more cool features such as a link cloaker (so no one can see your affiliate link) and groups for you to put your affiliate links in (so you don’t get confused by the dozens of affiliate links you have).

The one time fee of $97 gives you the plug-in as well as free upgrades and full on support.  It installs within seconds, and is so easy to use that you can start using it within minutes.  If you’re an affiliate marketer who uses your WordPress blog often, and/or have tried other plug-ins that didn’t help you with what you needed, then this product might be one to check out.

Click here to learn more!

Oct 03

An Open Letter to All JV Partners

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I am stating clearly what products I will and will not be promoting. In this post I state the “best practices” violations that are off limits. I simply want to be no part of hyped up products. Until now it was hard to tell someone “No” after they supported you well and asked you to reciprocate weeks or months early. This blog post explains what is simply off limits. This is some stuff that came to my mind late at night. There could, of course, be other things that are not in the customers best interest. Common sense can figure that out.

I will not be promoting affiliate offers that have the following things going on with the product, marketing, or website:

#1 – “A Hidden Method that is only revealed when they buy”


This has nothing to do with list of 15 items… but does not say what it is. Vague.. we are out.

#2 – Out right lies.

#3 – Income, proof, screen-shots, or income claimed from method shown as proof was not actually made from method. (Added: use of fake seals. i.e. you show a BBB or trust-guard, or verisign seal and it is nothing more than an image that is not registered.)

#4 – False Scarcity – ie. Only 500 units will ever be sold. When they plan to sell thousands. I understand the use of urgency and scarcity, or a count down time etc.. but lies that make the customer look stupid, hurt the affiliate, and are not needed will not be promoted.

#5 – If I feel your sales letter hype will have a refund rate of 20% or more. If your refund rate is that high, then you are not providing the value you promised. In my 8 years online, I have never had a refund rate over 20%.

#6 – Poor customer support

#7 – A product that is not complete at the time you sell it. You promise it. It should be ready

#8 – Not honoring refunds. (You must honor refund requests within refund period) Or refund claims like “$500 cash over your refund.” If this is done to simply improve conversions yet you have NO INTENTION of ever providing that and it is cool to just say it to increase conversions… shame on you.

#9 – Positioning – Anti/ Guru , all the guru’s have lied to you. All other products except this one are crap. You have been lied to. Are you sick and tired of the guru’s shoving crap down your throat etc… if that is said or implied, I will not participate in the mud slinging.

#10 – More than 1 exit Pop. OMG some of you guys really think someone will buy in exit 11? What is wrong with these guys.

#11 – UpSells – Any UpSells that make the buyer feel unhappy about the original purchase we will not support. (i.e. To really make this work you will need this.)

#12 – You don’t have your ducks lined up. Your site and technology will work. The days of crashed servers are over. We should all be ready to handle the traffic. A few hiccups are to be expected

#13 – If you have a reputation of not paying your affiliates, don’t bother to ask. You are making the industry look bad. You should not spend money that is not yours. You may think people don’t know who you are but people are talking. Communicate the issue and make sure it gets paid. Put the money aside and pay your affiliates. Commissions due should be paid within 30 days after the refund period is over. (60 days.)

#14 – You should be FTC compliant. Income claims, testimonials, and privacy etc. If you are not, don’t expect a promotion.

#15 – Your reputation online should be solid. Poor products in the past will not get a reply from us. We would appreciate a review of the product or if it will be live coaching etc, we need full details on the product. “It will crush it and you get paid 50%” is not the details we want. We want to make sure that your product will help the customer. Anything else hurts us and your other affiliates.

#16 – Common sense. Put the customer first. Not your affiliates. Money is a by-product of value. A 50% refund rate is a crying shame. And the trend for a good converting sales letter and an attitude of “Who cares man, this is not my real name anyway” and “Churn and Burn” has no room in this business.

It’s time to clean things up. I have learned from my mistakes over the past. I have shared my experience with others. But this is not 2004. We have come a long way. This is not a short term game. If you can’t put your name on your product with class, then don’t look for support from us.

I understand that even with this, things may go wrong. Your software may have bugs. The world may turn on you. If that is the case, communicate with your customers and refund them. If I ever have to email my customers to apologize for promoting an affiliate product, you can rest assure I will never do business with you. Again, if the signs start to show, make sure to communicate and make it right with the customer and refund and close your doors until you can fix the issue. Customers come before affiliates.

The customers in this industry deserve the best we can do. Anything less, we let them down.

I am hoping to create a “BEST PRACTICES” model. I encourage you to follow the same guidelines for your JV Partners. It’s time we stand up and let people know this stuff is not acceptable. If more people follow this lead, we can start to clean up the industry. There are a lot of hate blogs out there and it is seemingly getting hard to know the good from the bad. Time to separate from the trash. Get your act together or get out of this arena.  There is just no room for it.


Mike Filsaime

PS – To my customers reading this. These are our new policy going forward. We will do our best to hold our affiliates and vendors we promote products for to a higher standard as well as we strive to on our products. We are not perfect. We do not expect them to be. We only wish they have your best interests in mind. Most of our partners do. This message is to warn a few bad apples from a trend we are seeing.

But please, if we ever let you down from here forward, let us know. We will pass your experience over to our partners. We need your feedback to know if you are happy with what we promote.

UPDATE: Blog comments are on hold until we can get out Facebook plugin installed. We want to eliminate anonymous posters for obvious reasons.